Cancer Survivor.. It Get's Better

Good day

My name is Dawn and I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March 2021. I first went to a Gynie (gynecologist) thinking "I am going through premenopause". All the symptoms were there. I have always battled with UTI since the age of 12.

From the Gynecologist to a .. Urologist?

The Gynie took a Sonar and realized that my Ovaries and Uterus are fine, but was very concerned about my bladder. There was a big mass in my bladder. I was sent to a Urologist the following Monday. After the Urologist took a Sonar it was confirmed that something is seriously wrong. The Dr said it was a mass that was 5cm big inside my bladder.
The pain I went through was so bad, I literally had to hold on to the sink when going to the toilet. And then it was just blood clots and blood. I was so scared and not knowing what was happening.

Urgent Needs but Many Setbacks

The Urologist said my situation was so urgent that an operation was desperately needed. After I received a referral letter to go to the state hospital because I don't have medical aid. From March up to May, I went through some tests CT Scans, MRI, Biopsies, Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy. It was a journey. Finally, I was booked for an operation, but it was canceled 8 times due to no beds was available in ICU. After the last time my op was canceled, I went to the Radiation Department to hopefully go for radiation to stop the cancer from growing. But the Radiation Department said that the tumor was too big, it will kill the organs around the bladder.

Keep the Faith

I was so down but never lost hope and faith, cause I knew GOD has got this...I am the dough..he is the maker. He is not going to leave my hand. My Doctor from the hospital phoned me that same week and said. I must rush back to the hospital..they have a bed. I packed very fast...not knowing what is going to happen and will this be canceled again.

GOD was on my side and I got my operation that Friday. It was an 11-hour op. My bladder was removed, my uterus was removed, the wall of my vagina was removed. They found 8 tumors on the left side of my lymph nodes, 3 tumors on the right side of my lymph nodes. But the good news... I AM CANCER-FREE!!!

Looking Forward with gratitude

It is now 2 months and a week ago that I had my op. It was emotional to think must now adjust to all the new things. I must be honest. The person who designed the stoma - Thank you so much, you have given me a second chance to live. I have to learn how to take care of a baby again. I have to learn how to love myself, and be patient with myself, and look at myself in the mirror. But I will do this over again, cause I was given a chance again.

My stoma is my friend

I found a wonderful Stoma Clinic with the best sister. They are helping me through the pouches, and how my stoma must look like, and all that is for caring for my new baby. Yesterday I took a bath without my was wonderful.
Oh, I have to mention. Last week I battled through constipation....oh my goodness. It was very difficult. I realized that there were plastic tubes that were battling to come out, because of the operation, I think it was when they cut a piece of my small intestine to create my is out...and now it is know that that is also going to happen.

Well, I want to send photos to show what Betsie looks like, but not sure if this will be ok. I also got my Histology report. Have to go back end of Sept to go for a check-up to make sure that the cancer did not come back. The cancer that I had was very rare, not a normal Bladder cancer. The cancer attacked the organ that was most vulnerable at that time. I might go for light Chemo if the cancer is back.

But I am positive that all will go well. GOD never left my side, and he will not leave me now.

Have a good day all. Be strong, be safe, look after yourselves.

This is my story. Thank you.


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