Life changes in a blink of an eye

In June, I thought life was good, only four years to retirement, I had built up my maximum of 12 weeks sick time, four weeks vacations, health OK. July 2, in the middle of the night passing blood. Immediate appointment to the urologist.

Surgery Time

Immediately scheduled surgery, one tumor removed. Total shock had had no surgery for 60 years. It was cancer. Next six weeks of BCG, when had follow up scope there was now four tumors. In February urostomy preformed, removed the bladder, prostrate and all lymph nodes.

3.5 years later... prostate cancer too?

It has been three and half years, wearing bag fact of life. Surgery and recovery were a struggle, but saved my life times two. Found my prostrate was full of cancer. Blessed to have had such excellent surgeons and my urologist.

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