Fear or Ignorance

I come from a family on both sides that chose NOT to follow or obey their doctor's advice and medical instructions. NO one dared mention "CANCER". They treated the word as it were a sin to speak IT! Where the fear and distrust came from I literally have NO idea nor why?!

The change came with me

Parents, siblings, in-laws were given said diagnosis or warnings yet almost all IGNORED them. Having lost parents plus other relatives with NO SPOKEN causes enlightened ME. IF I feel something is ASKEW with my body I go to a doctor to check and discuss what the cause may be.

My advice to you

I clearly made the decision that I would rather HEAR, it's a good thing you came in now, as opposed to HEAR IF ONLY YOU acted sooner! Especially in this day and age where medical tests and procedures have come so far. I URGE ALL to push aside any fear and learn the facts then DO research or proceed with the Drs. ADVICE.

This is my story.

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