In Remission

I was originally diagnosed with bladder cancer in 1994. Had a procedure to remove a small spot. Had my bladder scoped numerous times, last being 2011. No recurrence until finding blood in my urine in 2018.

I had 9 TURBT procedures and 4 or 5 BCG treatments. This all coincided with receiving 3 letters from my physician, FDA and pharmacy to stop taking my HBP medicine Valsartin due to presence of carcinogen's in the manufacture process.

The BCG treatment really did not help my condition but really no side effects.

Learning about a new treatment

I believe it was an American Cancer Society article that brought to my attention to a recent development in fighting bladder cancer.

Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida had started using a treatment of Gemcitabine, a chemotherapy drug for one hour one day and a treatment of Mitomycin, a chemotherapy drug for two hours the following day for a period of 6 weeks. The treatments were administered the same as the BCG treatments.

Now in remission

I am happy to say I am now in remission. I am currently undergoing an additional 12 treatments, one each month, for insurance for no recurrence. I do not experience any side effects from this treatment other than a little fatigue the next couple of days after each two day treatment.

What treatments have you had?

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