Cancer Before 50 and Surviving a Massive Stroke

I smoked since I was in Jr high, I knew it could cause cancer but not me. I was so wrong. At 49 years old I started peeing blood, went to Dr and I was dismissed. Finally got a referral for a urologist, Cystoscope showed tumor on bladder. Then, had 6 weeks of BCG.

Feeling like something is wrong

All good for 2 years. I felt some discomfort in my groin area, my left leg got so swollen that I couldn't wear shoes, no thought of bladder cancer because I was not passing blood or the urge to go every few minutes. Off to a Dr again, check my leg for clots, she stated I'm fine no clots and lump in groin is benign.

I was sleeping three to four hours during the day, my lower left back hurt so bad I couldn't even sit for a long period of time, surely I was not fine. New Dr sent me for cat scan, results are devastating. I have 10 plus enlarged lymph nodes, surgery combined stage 4 metastatic bladder cancer at 51.

A massive stroke left me partially paralyzed

A Gamet of tests, visits to oncologist and a 15% survivor rate. Lots of tears, high blood pressure followed by a minor stroke. A week in hospital, surgery for a port and a stint in my kidneys. Chemotherapy begins 3 day later I have massive stroke, paralyzed on left side, numerous testing and it was caused by a blood clot in my right leg.

Everything happened so fast, no time to comprehend what has happened to my life as I knew it, three weeks in rehab. Finally, I'm free to start chemo again, Pet scan shows chemo is not shrinking lymph nodes. Option number two is immunotherapy . My Dr chose avelumab.

Blessed to be alive

Results were remarkable, I had treatment for 2 full years. It's been four years this month since I thought I was going to die. I thank my husband, my sons, and the Dr who chose the correct medicine. I'm truly blessed to be alive. The best thing is I quit smoking 4 years ago.

Did you smoke before bladder cancer?

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