How I Found Out

I was being treated for a UTI and started bleeding heavily and went to ER. They did a ct scan and found a bulge on my bladder. After a lot of pain trying to urinate and passing blood clots, they did a Cystoscopy in the hospital. I was told the .5 cm tumor could be shaved down and I would be ok.

Surgery and treatment

They did the surgery three days later and when I woke up I was in such pain. They put a cancer fighting drug in my bladder which was so painful. I went home with a catheter and told to come back 6 days later. When I went for the follow up, the Dr. told me he had shaved the tumor down as far as he could without going through the wall of the bladder. He is going to make an appointment for me to see a bladder cancer specialist at OSU in Columbus. Waiting for the appointment. I will get the catheter out next Monday.

How were you diagnosed with bladder cancer?

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