It Isn't Kidney Stones!

It was the 2020 holiday season, and I noticed blood in my urine. I just thought it was another stone, had them most of my life. No pain, I will wait till after the holidays to see Dr.

Now the end of February, not just blood once in a while, but now large blood clots. Make an appt with Dr.

Said he would go in and do a TURBT. The biopsy came back with muscle-invasive bladder cancer. In April, I started chemo and immunotherapy. At the end of July, I had a radical cystectomy with urinary diversion. The surgery was not so bad, and the urostomy grows on you.

I have had no problem with changing the bag from the day I left the hospital. My thought was, get the cancer out of me. I was 58 years old when I got the diagnosis and will be 60 in October. I thank God to date cancer free.


This is my story.

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