What I Thought Was Just Stones

June 2017.. I noticed pale pink after going to the bathroom. I made an appt with my Primary care physician. He did a urinalysis and said it was a UTI. I was put on antibiotics. In August...another UTI. Was put on antibiotics again...but my doctor ordered a CT scan. It showed 2 kidney stones in the right kidney. My doctor referred me to a Urologist. That was the same week I was having lower back surgery.

Finding out about bladder cancer

I've had many stones but never bleeding. I assumed...I'm 71 and my body was just reacting differently this time. I had my back surgery on Aug 24th. No more pink in the urine until November. Saw the Urologist on Monday...hospital on Thursday. Bladder cancer...Type1/Grade 1...whatever...very aggressive. Had 2 tumors...both removed. Monday went in for results of biopsy to see if it had gone into the muscle...I was very lucky...it hadn't. Had 5 cystoscopes before I had a clean cysto. My first clean cysto was Dec 2018 and again in Feb 2019.

Feeling blessed after BCG

My treatments are BCG. Because of the BCG I was told it would be 6 weeks or more before I'd be called to go in for my next series treatments. I received a call from my doctor today...March 26th...I'll be going in next Wednesday for treatments. I've been very blessed. The only side effects I've had is nausea...and with meds.. it's stopping it.

One more thing

The one thing that I'd like to tell anyone dealing with this cancer is what the nurses at my urologists office said....they've told me to never miss my appointments because my cysto's have been clean.

How were you diagnosed?

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