Kidney and Ureter Tumors - Deciding About Cystectomy

Living with BC since 2014. I’ve had MANY cystoscopies, MANY rounds of BCG and Mitomyocin, and have another cystoscope scheduled on 10/29.

Thank God all tumors have been non-muscle invasive; HOWEVER, one appeared in my right kidney in 2019, resulting in the kidney and ureter being removed. Another appeared in my right ureter (where connecting to top of bladder) which resulted in the ureter being cut to remove tumor and ureter reattached. My kidney function is at 26% and I’m terrified of a tumor appearing there!

Looking for feedback about a cystectomy

I’m thinking of asking about a cystectomy in the near future. I’d really appreciate any feedback. My urological oncologist is wonderful!

Have you had a cystectomy (bladder removal)?

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