My Life With Cancer Number 3 and Its Complications

I was diagnosed in late 2013 with Ureter Cancer after a year of severe pain, multiple tests to rule out all other possibilities and a terrifying day of bleeding and blood clots, and finally an exploratory surgery which found a tumor in my left ureter.

Other complications

In early 2014, a mass was found in my left ovary resulting in a radical hysterectomy (where they found nothing, but took everything per my instruction!) and a pathology report showing the early signs of cervical cancer! Thankful that I had dodged that bullet, I went on with my life only to have the dreaded "C" show up again 9 years and 2 days after my first bout.

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Unfortunate side effects

This time it was stage 2/3 muscle-invasive bladder cancer resulting in a radical cystectomy. I am currently 2 months post surgery, and am now dealing with some of the side effects...intestinal upset, bowel disruption and the newest symptom-anterior vaginal wall prolapse. My new normal is not so normal, but hey, things could be worse!

Staying optimistic

So here I sit, researching all the things that come into my mind via the internet, while doing Kegel exercises and enjoying the company of my dogs and reminding myself that I am stronger than the storm. Be blessed, as while you are reading this you are still among the living!

This is my story.

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