Not Knowing is the Hard Part

I was born with Spina bifida. My lesion is L5-S1 which controls the bladder, bowels, and legs. I haven't used my bladder since I was three years old. What I have is called a neurogenic bladder. I have been having drainage coming from below which it should be.

For years, they gave me bladder washing but it didn't help. I talked to my urologist about removing it since it's not in use, I had a urinary diversion done years ago. What I have is an Indiana Pouch that I cath. They finally decided to do the surgery. On Sept. 25 I had a cystectomy they found cancer in the bladder.

I have been scheduled for tests to see if it metastasizes - CT scans done, now I have to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy on Tuesday. I'm on pins and needles. I am 8 years of being breast cancer-free.

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