For People New to Chemo Treatment

I just want to share that I had my first 6-hour Chemo treatment today, the first day of 4 cycles with 3 days of chemo followed by 21 days of recuperation.

I wasn't able to get scheduled until 2 months after my first TURBT. My days 2 and 3 of each cycle will be only for two hours! It was first given by IV a steroid and anti-nausea combo, then a bag of electrolyte liquid, then two bags of chemo drugs, followed by a final bag of electrolytes.

At NO time (except the IV) did I experience ANY pain, and sitting here at home 8 hours later I have had no nausea, vomiting, or pain. I'm a little tired, and physically and mentally, but I'm okay! Hopefully you will be, too.

This is my story. How are you?

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