Radical Cystectomy Scheduled for February 2023

I was diagnosed with NMIBC in 2021 and have had 4 turbts because it keeps recurring. Had BCG and it didn't work, and the last pathology report indicated that it has now progressed to high grade muscle invasive.

So many questions...

So...I had a CT which showed no metastasis but am due to meet with an oncologist about chemotherapy before Radical Cystectomy (RC). And that scares the patooties out of me! I've heard so many horror stories about chemo and its side effects!

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So many questions about the treatments and the surgery! Most of them center on the logistics of survival after treatment and surgery. I'm a fairly healthy and active 73-year-old woman - but I live alone with no close relatives nearby. I have pets that will need care and then I will need to care for myself. I'm just trying to figure out how long the recovery period is (and I'm aware that everyone is different). How long before I can bend enough to feed a cat or clean a litter box? How about driving? I heal fast and I'm tough, but it would help if I could plan and arrange help if needed!

My doctors either tell me that I will be back to normal activities in no time or scare me silly telling me about all sorts of potential side effects. I was hoping that someone who has gone through this might help by sharing their experience!
Thanks in advance!

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