Radical Surgery


I had my bladder, uterus/tubes, ovaries, and bladder diversion made back in 2019. I was diagnosed with high-grade muscle invasion of cancer. I was told it had not spread past the bladder. However...

Decisions surrounding my surgery

I waited 10 weeks to receive surgery and in that 10 weeks cancer, in fact, did pass through the bladder wall onto the outer wall of the uterus. Even though they removed and tested 11 lymph nodes from the surrounding area my cancer reappeared in a lymph node up under my liver.

I was told on my first visit with the surgeon I would receive 3 or 4 chemo treatments, that I could have before or after the surgery. I picked after. I did not want to weaken my body before surgery with chemo. This proved (I think) to be the wrong choice. As the surgeon later decided I did not need it as "they got it all". As I said cancer (urothelial carcinoma cells) appeared in this one lymph node 20 months later. I have been receiving Immune therapy for this and it has worked. My last ct states the target lesion is resolved. I will continue to be scanned and have bloodwork done every 9 weeks.

My advice

My advice is (if offered) to take that pre-surgery chemo, I wish I had insisted on receiving it. Yes, everyone is different I, personally had many issues following surgery but that's just me.

Stay positive. All the best to you.


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