Treating CIS Recurrence with Keytruda

I posted before about my journey, but wanted to give an update as to my goal of sparing my bladder as long as possible.

Diagnosis and treatments

I was diagnosed in October 2014 with T1HG CIS. Since then; 8 TURBT, 18 BCG, 18 Cystoscopes, CT scans, X-Rays, 9 intravesical gemcitabine and the CIS is back again.

Keytruda for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Now, Keytruda has been approved for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. So, in an effort to continue sparing my bladder I started Keytruda infusions this week and will have one every three weeks until cystoscopes are clear with NED or the Keytruda doesn't work.

If it does not work, then a radical cystectomy (RC) is next. But, there is hope and I have gained 6 more years with my bladder and maybe more.

No adverse side effects so far

Life is great and so far with one infusion of Keytruda I have had no adverse side effects. The oncologist is encouraged by the results he has seen with other patients and I hope to be another success story.

Have you fought to save your bladder?

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