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Recurring Bladder Cancer

To make a long story short, my cancer started in 2015 with my kidney. I had it removed plus, now have bladder cancer. Had 3 TURBTs. After the second one, I had chemo for 6 weeks last year, now had another & wait 4 weeks for the next step.

Looking for support

I would like to join to talk to others going through the same. Sometimes it gets pretty lonely when there is nobody to talk to.


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  • Mac Howard moderator
    1 month ago

    Diane, If you have Facebook has a great page. There is lots of activity and a diverse group of folks at different stages of treatment. I hope you find some connection to combat the loneliness. Be well. -Mac

  • Diane author
    3 weeks ago

    I am waiting now for BCG & maintenance therapy, so will see how that goes

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