5+ Years N.E.D. - My Robotic Hernia Repair

5+ Years N.E.D. HOO YAH!

Two days before my 66th birthday, I was told, "you have bladder cancer and we are taking your bladder". I had something the size of a small lemon in my bladder. I have already told this part of the story before (see my first story).

My 4th operation to date

Last Thursday Feb 27th, I went in for my #4 operation. Actually, it really was 4, 5 operations if I count the insertion of nephrostomy tubes. This operation was to correct something that had been corrected before. That was #3. I've had chemo, bladder removal, bacterial infection, a major operation to correct the closing of my ureters, and finally 2 parastomal hernia repairs.

Robotic surgery

This last operation was done robotically. My surgeon, a gentleman that was as big as me, performed it. He said doing it by robot allowed him to fix things that he wouldn't be able to get at unless he climbed on top of me. He fixed the hernia that was creating problems. Also another hernia in the center of my stomach, and loosened a bowel. I would call this a loosening and tightening.

Pain and trying to walk it off

Did I have pain? Yes, I did. Not the type of pain that I expected. It was like I had over exercised. The muscles were tight. However, I was up that night walking. I believe in that old age we should "walk it off". I came home Saturday night. Could have been home Friday night, but my surgeon wanted to talk with me. Actually he wanted to see if my hernia went down - which it did.

Recovery takes time

I haven't driven yet, but I have no pain. I figure I'll be up and running very soon. The only bad thing that came out of the operation is that I can't walk my grand dog (65 lbs of pure strength) who is part hound and loves to chase anything. Chip monks, squirrels, dogs, kids, women. ANYTHING! He is my exercise buddy (1-1.5 miles daily). But this is only for 6 weeks.

Golf or Key West be in my future?

To sum all this junk up; I have bladder cancer. The cancer was the easy part, but the plumbing repairs not as easy. Maybe I'll go back to playing golf again. But then maybe not. Maybe I'll just go down to KEY WEST and enjoy life.

Have you experienced complications from cancer treatment or surgery?

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