Diagnosed 2-17-22

Hi I was diagnosed with Bladder cancer 2-17-22, I am a 69-year-old male (NSS) I was a smoker for 42 years, I quit December 30 2004 at 5pm Thank God.

I had been telling my VA Dr. that I was having UTI's like crazy.

He said I had an enlarged prostate, without examining me and prescribed Flomax, I said I don't have an enlarged prostate.

THe misdiagnosis didn't end there

That was on the 1st of December 2021, February 15 2022 I started passing blood clots, I am talking large blood clots I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a UTI and given Cipro and sent home.

February 17 2022 I started hemorrhaging, I went to ER and had a cat scan that showed my bladder was full of blood clots. I had a Cystoscopy and a Turbt, the Dr. told my wife I had a 5cm tumor removed, resected or whatever they call it.

Finally... a proper diagnosis

I went home with a catheter with clear urine,(Thank God), I got my official diagnosis on February 22 2022 ,it was a low grade tumor (Thank God again) the Dr. wants to schedule me for 8 weeks of mitomycin(correct spelling ???).

Now after the private doctor has done all the heavy lifting the VA wants to step in and schedule me for 6 weeks of BCG. Of course, they want to do it after the private doctor does a follow-up and looks in my bladder and gets a possible biopsy before he starts IVT.

Thank God

The VA will pay for everything except the IVT so I am stuck with getting the BCG from the VA.
Thank God I can get treatment somewhere though.
Thanks for letting me join this group.
This is my story.

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