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Still Going Strong After Cancer

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2001. The doctor removed 3 cancerous polyps, and I had a cysto every six months after that. In February 2008, cancer again was found. This time invasive, and my bladder and prostate were removed.

Living without my bladder

Since then, I have lived with a urostomy, which although a lot of trouble at times, I am still going strong at age 71. After a nine hour operation, it took 25 days in the hospital and six months to recover. Since then, I have had two operations to repair the connections from my kidneys to the ostomy bag. My wife has been just amazing throughout all this as my caretaker and coach. We are looking forward to many more years of life together.

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  • donnaventura
    1 year ago

    Were the two post cystectomy surgery for scar tissue in the ureter at the illeal conduit. I am a care giver for my husband; cystectomy in November 2017, recovery complicated by repeat uti’s, and one ureter is blocked. Anticipate an open surgery to repair in the future.
    Were your subsequent surgeries minimally invasive? If they were open, how was the recovery?
    We feel very fortunate as his bladder cancer was Nona-invasive and his pathology was clean.
    We find handling the urostomy and living with it to be no problem, just want to rid of nephrostomy tube from right kidney and reattach ureter.

  • Brandy78
    1 year ago

    It’s very encouraging and makes me feel hopeful about my diagnosis. I am happy that you are still fighting and winning! Thanks for sharing!

  • Noel Forrest moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi griff32888, So good to hear your story. Its very up lifting when you see how in spite of all the difficult news you have had to deal with over the years, that you are still so very positive about your future. After fighting off the cancer for so many years to be then told its now back and invasive, must of been hard to take. Particularly as the consequence of this was having to remove your bladder and prostate. I applaud your courage and your shear determination and strength to get through all your surgery. I’m also happy to see that throughout all of your journey, your wife has been ever present and a major support for you. Thank you very much for sharing your story, the members of the community will get a lot from this. I also wish you both a very healthy future together. Noel, Team Member

  • chipper
    2 years ago

    Have had my neo-bladder for nine years now, except for the occasional UTI, I know I made the right decision, I know when the UTI’s are coming and am used to them, and get my antibiotics from my Doctor when needed

  • Paul Hebert moderator
    2 years ago

    Chipper – I’m team neo too. Question – can you explain what you mean that “I know when the UTI’s are coming”? Curious as I have never had one but would love to know if maybe I am but missing some symptom. What are the “signs” for you?

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