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Stressing over BCG

Had a non muscle wall invasive TA tumor. Was removed with TURBT. Had a biopsy after a month and no new cancer. However, because the tumor was high grade, I begin BCG infusions on Tuesday, 2-12. Not sure about the side effects, I’ve read horror stories online, but a friend of mine went through it with no side effects.

Please share your stories, good or bad, thanks.

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  • Sarah Wallin moderator
    5 months ago

    Hi @396camaross , starting BCG can sure be stressful, especially when you aren’t sure what to expect. How did your first treatment go last Tuesday?

    We’re thankful you came to this community for answers. I’d like to point you to our article, “Before, During & After BCG: What to Expect”: Additionally, we shared your post to our Facebook community and it got a bunch of people sharing their own experiences with BCG! You can take a look at the responses here:

    Keep in touch. Would be glad to hear back about how the treatments are going for you, and if you experience any side effects.
    -Sarah ( Team Member)

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