Struggling with Cancer While Living Alone

I was seeing a GP for nearly 3 yrs before he referred me to a Urologist, had a scope into bladder to confirm cancer.

Fell & fractured my hip days later, was in hospital for 10 wks, had great difficulty walking & still have.

When home I had 3 appointments for tumor removal all canceled by hospital. On receiving yet another appointment for the op I decided to refuse.

I am a widow & live alone, cannot get out at all.

What is your cancer struggle?

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  • Lchou
    3 months ago

    Just want to follow up and see how you are doing? You had mentioned that you cannot get out of the house. Is this a physical restriction?

  • Jerry
    5 months ago

    Sorry to hear you are having such a difficulty.
    How did they determine it was cancer without removed and pathological analysis?

  • reet75 author
    5 months ago

    Thank you for reply Jerry
    When the urologist looked inside my bladder he saw a tumor attached to bladder wall.
    As I had an infection in my kidneys I was kept in hospital for a week In this time I had MIR scan.
    The urologist was disgusted at my GP’s ignorance.
    I have tried to change GP for a few years but none available in my area.
    Not a clue as to how they knew Cancer other than experience.On my refusal of tumor removal he told me I will die.

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