Trying To Stay Positive

So, to make a long story short, back in April of this year, I noticed some blood clots in my urine. I then made an appointment with my urologist and had a cystoscopy completed.

It Was Bladder Cancer...

Turns out the blood was from a tumor. A urine test was sent to a lab and test results showed some cancer cells. After more tests, the doctor found a small tumor in my bladder. The tumor was high grade (not good) and I was scheduled for surgery to remove it toward the end of April.

The Future

The biopsy from the surgery didn’t find any evidence of cancer in the bladder muscle wall (that’s good). So, I went back to the urologist 2 weeks after surgery for a follow-up to look in there again. I was scheduled for a biopsy to review the area where the tumor was removed. I was also scheduled for BCG treatments which started on June 9th. Yesterday I had my second treatment.

This is where I am today. This is my story.


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