Unexpected Surgery

It was your typical morning, planning on going to church to conduct a funeral. I went into our bathroom to take a leak and looked down; I was urinating nothing but blood. My wife and I went directly to the hospital, and by the end of the day, I was told I had a huge mass in my bladder.

I was scheduled the next day for exploratory surgery. They could not remove all of the mass, so I was put on a schedule for chemotherapy. After 5 months of massive chemo treatment, I was scheduled for an 8-hour surgery. They removed all of the bladder, prostate, and many lymph nodes. I woke up a different man.

Nothing works for the erection problem, and this has been 3 years of searching. I have tried everything but no erection! Life has changed, but I have a very loving wife who helps me survive. I wake up every morning with my wonderful wife, but I still hate my bag. It is a constant reminder that I am a ssurvivor of bladder cancer! I just miss my old self!

This is my story.

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