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Urostomy and scar tissue/ pelvic floor dysfunction

Well, I had to have a radical cystectomy 8 months ago. I was told I could have a normal life afterward... For me, that was a myth. Within months I was having to deal with constant bladder infections. I was constantly at the hospital or ER. Once I passed out and fell twice. Finally, when I was having back pain they figured out that my ureters where they meet the urinary diversion had scar tissue that wasn't allowing enough urine to leave my kidneys. Mostly my left kidney. So now I have a tube through my back into my left kidney and now have a bag for that as well as my ostomy bag in the front.

Pelvic Floor Troubles

I had been having pelvic floor issues after my surgery but no one seem to know or understand my issues which were a pain in my vagina and anus. After my fall the pelvic floor dysfunction issue came into full swing. Nothing prepared me for the pain I would have. No one really seem to know why I was in such pain... possibly from the fall? Anyways after 4 months of excruciating pain, a Physical Therapist I was talking to said it sounded like a pelvic floor issue.

Getting through the Pain

So, Since then I got a pudendal nerve block and I started PT with a specialist for my pelvic floor dysfunction. So now I'm getting some relief from the nerve block and the PT. I still switch 1000mg of acetaminophen with 1800mg of Ibuprofen per day with 450 mg of pregabalin per day. I've been on it for 4 months so I'm starting to get concerned about damaging my kidneys. The Dr's don't seem to be concerned about it. Anyways I used up all my short-term disability and I'm still not working. Hopefully, I will get to return to work someday.

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