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My Beginning Story

I started smoking at age 15 and quit at age 30 right after I got out of the US Navy. During that time I averaged 2 1/2 to 3 packs a day. Today I couldn’t afford to do that. Worked for RCA then the NYPD, got married and came to California. Had chest x-rays many times, no problem.

Mercury, herbicides and other chemicals

Worked for TRW for a while then got a BS in Biochemistry but actually started in testing Air toxics, water and soil samples for VOC’s. Handled mercury literally, PCBs, herbicides, etc. Lungs still ok. Moved and got a job with Dept Veteran Affairs, more checkups, lungs ok.

Diagnosed with stage 1 aggressive bladder cancer

Had some urinary issues on and off all my life, but now I find I have NMIBC stage 1 aggressive bladder cancer. Who would have thought. P.S. my lungs are still clear.

Treatment and maintenance

They started me on something else and it went away for awhile, then came back. By my wife’s prayers they found some BCG when there wasn’t any. After 6 treatments it was gone. But they are starting me on the 3 maintenance doses to keep it from coming back. I hope. In God’s hands now.


Have you been exposed to chemicals in the workplace?

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  • Mac Howard moderator
    3 months ago

    Jim, Thank you for your service. I know my army days were full of smoking as well. I still hear the drill instructors hollering, “smoke them if you’ve got them… if you don’t simulate.”

    Glad to hear you got treatment and the BCG that is so scarce. Keep following up with the doctors and be well.

    Best wishes
    Mac (site moderator)

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