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Guy Wheatley

Guy Wheatley
Guy Wheatley grew up as a military dependent living on or near military bases until age thirteen. He started junior high school in his family hometown of Gillett Arkansas where his father taught him to hunt and fish. He played football in high school and held farm related jobs during the summers throughout high school and college. He also spent one summer as deck crew on a Mississippi River tow boat. Read more

a man looking defeated with the silhouette of a woman behind him in the distance


In the time between the trans-urethral biopsy and my neo-bladder replacement surgery, there was a dark element. I knew the

A man whose face is split into two halves one of which is mad and the other is laughing


I had decided to face my bout with bladder cancer with grace and humor. I got quite a few laughs

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One of Us

I wasn’t keeping my diagnosis of bladder cancer a secret because I’m such a private person. While I don’t make