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Appointment Scheduling

Hi all!! Newbie here. I have an issue I'm not sure what to do to resolve.

I went to the hospital with blood in my urine in May they took a CT scan which revealed 2 tumours in my that point I was to wait for urology and oncology to set appointments.took 2 weeks for urology to set an appointment and 2 more weeks for the actual appointment. They set another date for surgery prep- July 18, and another for July 28th for the actual cytoscopy.
In the meantime I am bleeding worse than ever and sleeping 10 hours a night. Also a bit shaky- not sure if that has anything to do with the cancer , but symptom started at the same time.

So my question is- Is it normal for this to be scheduled so far apart? I thought cancer was a " have surgery immediately " situation. I'm just concerned it's getting worse in this time period.
Thanks for any response.

  1. Hi I had blood in my urine the beginning of May last year and didn’t have my cystoscope until the 5th August when they removed the tumour. Have you contacted the oncologist again? And if you’re in UK you should have been assigned a macmillian nurse contact them and tell them of your concerns. Hope all goes well for you

    1. Your comment has been helpful, thank you. I talked with the oncologist actually before urology, but I guess we have to wait on urology findings. Was your tumor cancerous? I'm not in the UK but suppose I mixed up some algorithm when I visited for 3 months.

  2. Hi yes it was high grade but non muscle invasive so they removed the tumour I am now having BCG

    1. I am sorry for the additional stress you are under waiting to get your recovery under way. My local medical group was very slow to get things diagnosed as well. I started pushing immediately once I had sonogram (that I also pushed for) that revealed the tumor. I needed a urologist immediately but was not getting response in timely manner. I went ahead and found and set appointment with a urologist in LA. They set appointment for the next day. I scrambled and threw stuff in a bag and left for airport 11 minutes later. My New Dr diagnosis was high grade but because I got in so quickly he successfully removed the tumor before it invaded the wall. Had I waited for the local urologist who finally called to set appointment four months later I am sure my story would be different. My tumor is removed and I am on chemo until next year. And that is going fairly well. Push for appointment no matter how far you have to travel. Time is of the essence.

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