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How soon after TURBT should you start 6 WEEK bladder flush with BCG?

Had surgery Aug 30 and still not on books for treatment. What should I do? Date to start treatment

  1. have you spoken to your medical team to discuss the plan and next steps? Laura, Moderator,

    1. Can't seem to get a return call from Dr's nurse after 2 calls. After surgery how soon should you start BCG treatment? Some say 3 to 4 weeks

      1. @Kamama - I hope you have made a decision that works for you. I completely understand that anxiety and stress that accompanies this disease and the decision that go with it. I have found though that once a decision is make, it seems to calm me down considerably. Please keep us updated as we are always here to support you. My best Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      2. personally speaking I’ve recently finished my first set of 6 BCG treatments it wasn’t too bad and seems a small thing to do to hopefully beat this thing I’m just waiting on some results now 🙏

    2. Hi I didn’t start mine for just over 6 weeks was you assigned a macmillian nurse if so get in touch with them.

      1. @Tracyann - I have not heard of a macmillian nurse but see that it is a nurse with a cancer specialty. Great to know that this specific nurse is available to some. Interesting that this is the first time I have heard of this in the over 8 years since my bc diagnosis. Thank you for sharing this information. My best to you. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      2. I have also never heard of a MacMillian nurse! Thank you for that amazing tidbit of information. Definitely want to look into that further. How are you progressing? Please keep us updated with how things go! All my best, Charles (Moderator /

    3. Hi Laura I’m now had my 4th Week of the 6 week BCG induction I’m feeling tired but I’ve took bits from everyone else’s experiences. When I come home from it I lay down turn over from side to side and have found it’s not so concentrated in one place also as soon as the two hours is up take powder for cystitis it’s made it a little easier. Thank you for asking I know everyone’s different you just need to find what’s best for you and go with it.

      1. thanks again, I will.. 5 years clear.. how wonderful, hope you get over the Covid really quickly and it’s not too bad for you.. positive vibes back at you 😉

      2. @Bellabell - thank you for the update. sending you hugs and prayers that your treatments were successful and your scan holds good news. My best Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

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