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BCG treatment

I am a 78 year old male in good health, been cancer clear for 8 years. I was put onto a BCG programme, first session completed October 2020 with no ill effects  and second session March 2021. Since then I have experienced permanent pins and needles in my hands 24/7 and swollen and painful hand joints. Another BCG session is due end of May. Anybody else had this experience and how long did the pins and 
needles last?

  1. Hi @mike. Thanks for your inquiry. It sounds like you're experiencing some neuropathy. Neuropathy is not a documented side effect according to our article ( or the NIH/Medline Plus website ( You should contact your urologist and/or oncologist and let them know you are experiencing these side effects. Since it is not a documented side effect of BCG, it's hard to tell how long they possibly might last. BCG is an immunotherapy treatment and most people that I have encountered have experienced neuropathy with chemotherapy treatments. Neuropathy caused by chemotherapy treatments can last the duration of treatments and long into survivorship. I still have neuropathy issues that my oncologist believes will be permanent and I am 4 years from the end of chemotherapy treatment. Your situation will be different since you are receiving a different type of treatment though. ~Liz, Moderator

    1. Thank you Liz.some information for me to digest.

      1. Thank ypu Liz,some information for me to digest

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