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Did you have consultation with your Surgeon prior to BCG treatment?

My recent cystoscopy revealed a recurrence of cancer activity. My surgeon mentioned scheduling another TURBT then immunotherapy with BCG. I know TURBT is necessary, but I am not feeling like my thoughts/concerns/questions are being taken into consideration regarding treatment. I have researched enough on my own to understand that there are treatment options. I only saw my surgeon briefly during my cystoscopy. I phoned the Urologist's Office yesterday and asked to set up a consultation with my surgeon & was told someone on my team would get back to me which is yet to happen. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues being heard?

  1. are you seed in the US? I am not medically but I know in the UK, they would arrange to discuss any possible treatment with you beforehand. I would cell back and say you have questions and really want to discuss the plan before it goes ahead. Laura, Moderator,

    1. Yes, I'm in the US. I did call back again and am satisfied that I now have a post op with the surgeon so I will have opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. Thank you for your response!

      1. that’s great news. Thanks for letting us know. Wishing you well. Laura, Moderator,

    2. @Communitymember222 - I am happy to hear that you have been able to schedule an appt with your doctor post cysto. Hoping that you are able to have all of your questions answered soon. My best. Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

      1. How are you getting on? Hope you got some answers. Laura, Moderator,

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