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Financial Costs

I’ve just been diagnosed with stage 2 Bladder cancer and have been told my bladder needs to be removed. I’ve chosen to go with the pouch. I’m on Medicare and I’m curious as to what the total cost to the patient is after all of this is done

  1. Hi . Sending you my best as you navigate through your diagnosis and the decisions that come with it. Happy you found us. While we wait for others to add their experience I wanted to share an article an advocate wrote with some medicare logistics. I hope it can help.

    Do you have any questions about living with the pouch? I could share some 1st person resources regarding that too. How are you managing?

    1. @Larry79010 Are you straight Medicare of do you have an advantage or supplemental plan? I would call and find out what your maximum out of pocket costs are per year. Linda ( moderator, team member)

      1. I have a Medicare advantage plan

        1. @Larry79010 - I would check with your plan but for my plan I pay a specific amount per service. ie.. $35 for specialist visits, $10 for labs etc. There is a co pay for some but not all. I have a co pay for a hospital stay but it goes to $0 after 5 days max. I have been happy with my advantage plan because I have all of my former medical team on it. You may want to check to see that your medical providers are all in network. Good luck Linda ( moderator, Bladder team member)

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