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Heavy sacharin user

I was diagnosed with low grade bladder cancer and have been a heavy user of sacharin (10-12 packets a day) for more than a decade. Has anyone out there also been a heavy sacharin user and if so, have they found that discontinuing use contributed to continued remission?

  1. @Diane B - I am not a medical professional but have not seen anything about the use of this product and remission. You may wish to consult your medical team. Have you had reoccurrences or are you just wondering what might assist with remission? Wishing you the best. Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

    1. Thanks so very much. I have asked my clinicians who say that there is no causal path between sacharin use and bladder cancer. I found some peer-reviewed literature that finds the same except for one that noted an assoication between very high sacharin use and bladder cancer. When I looked it up, I was suprised that the recommended not-to-exceed dose of sacharin was only 10 packets a day. If there is a lifestyle factor that I can change to decrease my recurrence risk, I would, but I don't want to unnecessarily as it is one of the few luxuries I afford myself. Just wondering if there are any others out there like me and if quitting sacharin was useful to them. Many thanks!

      1. @Diane B - It looks like you have looked into this from a variety of sources. If you feel that they may be some value in reducing your intake a bit, that would be a personal decision in my humble opinion. It may be difficult to determine if 12 or 10 or 8 packets a day are possibly harmful but might be worth considering. I know that after my RC I had to make some dietary changes for the better. Hope that you hear from someone that uses this product and may have personal input. Keep us posted. My best Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

    2. I a not medically trained and not aware of any link. This article may be of interest. It seems to indicate there isn't a link.,risk%20of%20bladder%20cancer%20in%20the%20human%20population. Laura, Moderator,

      1. Thanks so much!

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