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  1. Hi, I'm Katie and my mom has Bladder Cancer. I am her caregiver and am looking to connect with others who care for parents with BC.

    1. Hello, thanks so much for this community!

      1. I too have had recurrent bladder cancer for 11 years. Don't get discouraged. I just accept it as of fact of life. For me I worry about my one kidney. The other one was removed because of the cancer.
        Thank God they can remove the tumor and then you are good to go.

        1. Hi TerryN, Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself! We appreciate you sharing about your experience and the encouraging words to others living with bladder cancer too. I hope you are able to find some peace amidst the worry about your kidney. Keep us posted on how you are feeling. Warmly, Sarah ( Team Member)

      2. Hi I’m Shirley, I’m both a writer and moderator for I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in September of 2016.
        Since my diagnosis I’ve undergone, cytoscopys, 2 TURBT’s and ultimately had a radical Cystectomy the end of January 2017. So I now have a Urostomy and a “bag for life”.
        I endeavour to write my true feelings about living with bladder cancer and to support those who are just starting their own bladder cancer journey.

        1. I am so sorry to hear you have been through so much in such a short time.
          I admire your Courage and general attitude of acceptance with a Cancer .

          Not new to Cancer , I am a Breast cancer survivor and I experienced a rare lung disease in my 5th year of being free of Breast cancer.
          . That magic number 5 did not work out for me! ( that all happened 1993 and 1998 )

          All good health until 2017 when bladder Cancer dropped in and reappeared again in 2018.
          Currently on BCG treatments after two surgeries .

          I find this Cancer terrifying and unpredictable. I feel I have just touched the tip of this Iceburg .

        2. Hi whisler, I'm sorry to hear of your long journey with breast cancer and lung disease. It must have been really difficult when you got diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2017. I hope your recovery from surgery has been a smooth one and that BCG treatments have been going ok. So many others in the community have mentioned how they feel afraid and anxious due to the unpredictable nature of this cancer. You might be able to relate to this article about it ( Please know that the community is always here to support. I'll be thinking of you! -Sarah ( Team Member)

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