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Bladder cancer matters because __________.

Fill in the blank by commenting below!

  1. Bladder cancer matters because it impacts many
    lives and there should be more research done in finding a cure for this cancer. The side effects of bladder cancer (BCG) treatment is very painful. I'm praying that they find a cure for bladder cancer soon.

    1. - It is very important to spread the word about the impact of this cancer and the treatments. I hope that one day there is a cure, too. Thank you for sharing with us. -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. simple pleasures now are intensified and simple annoyances no longer matter. I think that’s true of any CANCER MATTERS BECAUSE.......

    1. Appreciate you sharing this. I think many people here can relate to what you said about gaining appreciation for the little things. -Sarah ( Team Member)

  3. Bladder cancer matters as does every cancer is different in that it is sneaky. The symptoms are way way too often taken lightly and assumed to be caused by UTI's, kidney stones, or some other disorder that can be readily dismissed.
    Linda (moderator, author, team member)

    1. This cancer is especially sneaky for women, who are more likely to be diagnosed at later stages. Thankful for your input, ! -Sarah ( Team Member)

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