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How soon

I'm having a radical cystectomy on December 8. I'm a pretty active 67, soon to be 68, year old male. I camp, ride a bicycle a motorcycle, golf and play racquetball. For those of you tgat have gone through this how soon til you got active again? Can I swing a golf club in 3 month? 4 months? When can I get on either my bicycle or motorcycle?

Thanks for your input.

  1. hi. Firstly wishing you well for the surgery and the recovery to follow. I had my surgery 5 years ago and there isn’t anything I did before I can’t do. I would say you would need at least 3 months to get back to a reasonable level of strength. At this point you could do some light exercise. I would say for golf (I am not a golfer bout my husband is so I know what is involved) I would build it up slowly. I would also look to wear some support wear. I am sure others will share their experiences too. Happy to answer any other questions you may have. Laura, Moderator,

    1. Thanks.

      1. @Stuyoung09 - Every one seems to have at least slightly different experiences with RC. I am not a medical professional and cannot provide medical advice. But I believe that your pre-surgery activity level, if you have had other treatments such as chemo which may have worn you done a bit, etc may impact how quickly you recover and get back to prior activities. Also which diversion you choose as there is a learning curve with each and some may last longer than others. I was 63 and pretty active. I had Rc/IC and was working at 4 weeks. Walking daily but nothing strenuous for a few months. I suggest you see how you feel post op, walk every day to get things moving again, have a hernia support belt to hopefully avoid a hernia and lastly ask your doctor when you can get back to doing things safely. I was back to running and biking but as I live in NW Ohio it was 6 months before the weather was agreeable for me to do so. See how you feel and take it slowly so you can see how your body reacts. If you are pretty active prior to RC I would think you could be after also but give it time. I was in a triathlon sprint in June 2015 and my surgery was Sept 30 2014. I will tell you personally that my opinion is that if you can physically do the things you did prior to RC you hopefully can do them after. Lifting heavy things should be done carefully but the less you let this surgery control you the better. 8 years post RC and I rarely remember that I had it. Good luck to you and please keep us updated on how you are. There are many people on here who will provide information and experiences also. Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

        1. Good luck for Thursday. I will be thinking of you. Please let us know how you go afterwards when you feel well enough to do so. Wishing you well. Sending positive vibes and healing thoughts for after from Scotland. Laura, Moderator,

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