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I just have been diagnosed with bladder cancer

Hello, My name is Vicki I am 47 years old and last week I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had my TURBT 10 days ago and the urologist removed two polyps. The floor of my bladder was very red also so he took a sample and it came back positive as well.
My polyps had invaded the lamina propia but there were no muscle cells in the biopsy sample. The floor of my bladder has non invasive urothelial carcinoma. I have to have another TURBT for staging my urologist is saying. Also I am working on my authorization to have a CT scan of the chest with contrast and an CT urogram which i hope to get done within the next few days.
I am still trying to process all the feelings I am having. I am aware of my own negative thoughts and decided to look online for help to cope with this first few days of such a scary time in my life. I have two children 16 and 11 and I am a single mom.
Looking for some understanding and uplifting words from people in my same situation. Thanks

  1. Hi. I am also very recently diagnosed and going through much of the same experience, with the exception that the cells came back high-grade and 1 of the 4 tumors removed was extremely invasive.
    Also awaiting CT scan.
    All of this is new to me and very surprising—as I have no risk factors.

    I am guardian to my 16 year old grandson who is in his second semester at UMass Amherst and now a college junior. I am deeply concerned about how this illness and possible prognosis will effect his studies…his life.

    We are alone here in Massachussets, having moved from Florida for him to attend UMass Amherst.

    I understand your fears and concerns and I’m hoping we can both find positive ways to deal with everything while seeking to calm ourselves.

    My heart goes out to you and your children. I haven’t even figured out a way to have a conversation about all of it with my grandson. First, I was waiting for a detailed diagnosis. Now, I’m waiting for the CT scan and some sore of plan of treatment and prognosis before revealing everything I already know.

    I’m sure you (as do I) feel overwhelmed, in disbelief and very burdened by everything. Hopeful that this is a place to find support.


    1. firstly, hi. I am not medically trained, so can’t give specific diagnostic advice. I know what a worrying time this can be. I was 40 when I was diagnosed with muscle invasive stage 4 bladder cancer. Any bladder cancer diagnosis is a shock and takes time to adjust. It is a positive that there are already plans in place to provide next steps which will help. Wishing you well and hoping others with more specific experience to chime in. Wishing you well. Take care, Laura, Moderator,

      1. It feels good to know that I am not the only one that is going thru something like this. Thank you for this group!
        Cyndi. My children know. My ex told them while they were with him over the weekend I had my TURBT. I have always told them what's going on ....I asked my ex to tell them and we spoke about it when they came home My personal experience is that children are much stronger than what we think. Moreover, sometimes they are able to deal with situations better than adults. Tell Quinn when you are ready.
        Affirmation: "My healing is already in process...., and I allow myself to heal"

        1. I am glad you are finding support from this group. As a community we are here to support you. Sound advice. Hope today is a good day for you. Laura, Moderator,

      2. Is there a way to get direct email contacts or support here ? 53 never smoked stage 3 in muscle - scared

        1. hi again, please take a look at my reply I sent you in the forum you posted. And please reach out if there is anything else you need. We are here for you. Jill, team

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