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Immune booster natural therapy

As soon as I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I visited our naturopath, who is highly respected in her field. She recommended that I take a mushroom complex supplement, also Resveratrol tablets, both which are immune system boosters. I have several other friends who are naturopaths and herbalists, and they confirmed the information I had about certain mushrooms being very effective in killing cancer cells in the bladder.
When the cancer re appeared last month, I queried the effectiveness of the mushroom and resveratrol with my naturopath, and she said that without them, the cancer could have come back sooner, and worse. She said she will create a new regime for me to target the cancer again, stronger than before. She doesn't claim to be a miracle worker! The main thing is to keep the immune system strong in order for the body to fight off cancer. She also advised me to stop eating sugar in all its forms...I failed that one. I've always had a sweet tooth, and simply cannot give it up completely 🙁

  1. Hi Gina!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with seeing a naturopath. Getting those second opinions from your naturopath friends must have helped you feel more confident in your regimen. Avoiding sugar is tough, especially when you have a sweet tooth. I hope to hear updates of how you are.

    Take care,
    Sarah (BladderCancer.net Team Member)

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