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Like father like daughter?

Hi all,

I have been having tons of issues medically, this week has landed me in ER twice. They have said it was gastroenteritis. I have had blood tests all come back great, and a normal ultrasound. I have not had any blood in urine. I have had back to back UTIs. And I frequently (almost every few mins) have to urinate.
I have pain around my back (where a bra would sit) and under my ribs.

I throw up in the mornings and wake up in a lot of pain, which is leaving me confused as to what this could be. I am in chronic pain and no one seems to know what’s going on as every test so far is coming back normal. They have said ulcer maybe or gastroenteritis or severe IBS.

None of those really make sense to me though. My father had bladder cancer, which led me here I suppose. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated. I have not had blood in urine.

  1. @lillibetxo. We are glad you found us. The frequency of urination can be a symptom of bladder cancer. I was having a lot of frequency with extreme urgency, even if nothing really came out. The pain you described seems too high up on your back compared with the pain that I experienced. Unfortunately, our team here at BladderCancer.net is not clinical, so we cannot offer straight medical advice. We can only share our experiences. It sounds like you may need to see a urologist and get scoped. If you cannot get an appointment soon, ask your primary care doctor to expedite the process.

    1. I agree with Liz in that seeking the opinion of a urologist may be beneficial. I did not see that you posted a full urinalysis was run. In my opinion seeking other medical professionals might be in order to find some relief and possibly a diagnosis. My best to you. Please keep us updated as we are part of your support team.

      Linda ( moderator, author, bladdercancer.net team member)

      1. Lilli - I re-read your article and wanted to add that I was diagnosed - without testing - and told I had UTI's for 8 months before a test finally showed a clear urinalysis. I never had blood in my urine but had other symptoms such as the very frequent urination, bladder spasms, pain when urinating. In my opinion it might be worth while to obtain a second opinion from another urologist. I wish you well and hope that you can find a diagnosis soon. Please keep us updated. Linda ( moderator, author, Bladdercancer.net team member)

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