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Moved to Florida looking for new MD

MSKCC has taken great care of me over last two years. Now that I’ve moved to SW Florida It’s going to be tough to go to NYC.

Im thinking Moffit CC. And recommendations?

  1. I have no personal experience as in the UK And can’t verify or comment on the quality of care but have read good things about Moffit CC from others. Laura, moderator

    1. Hey , finding a new healthcare provider after a move is so daunting. I'm unfortunately not familiar with the area but wanted to share some directories I found. Are you searching for urologist? One route is to contact your insurance provider and see who in your area is in-network. From there you could find a doctor reviews online and to help narrow things down. There are also directories such as other people

      Have you had any luck? Possibly recommendations from your provider at MSKCC? They usually have connections to doctors they work with in other areas.

      1. Thanks! Yes I asked MSK and have referral to Moffitt. Have appointment early December 😉

        1. thanks for updating us and glad you have an appointment. Let us know how you go. Laura, Moderator,

      2. shacky - I have heard very good things about Moffit but I agree that your current provider's recommendation would be of value. Happy to hear that you have an appt and hope that you are pleased with your choice. Finding new docs is not something we want to do once we have someone we are happy with. My best to you Linda ( moderator, team member)

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