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Have you named your stoma?

Has naming your stoma helped you in your bladder cancer journey? Share your stoma's name below and how you chose it.

  1. Hi Sarah,

    My stoma is called "Sally", just because "Sally" seems to fit and it was my lovely husband Tim who came up with her name.

    It has helped so much, naming her, with coming to terms with having a stoma. It has "normalised her" and helped me accept the fact that she will be with me till the end.

    Its frightening waking up from the operation, knowing that sooner or later, you will have to face this "new thing" on your body. I,
    personally, needed to face up to it as soon as I could as I was so worried that I would "freak
    out" when I first saw it. I needn't of worried as it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.

    The rest is history... Sally is now part of the family

    1. Anita, Sally sounds like a lovely and friendly name. I am so glad to hear that naming your stoma has helped you normalize and accept her. It can really make a difference when you're still getting used to having it. Love that she is part of the family now! Thanks for sharing. 😀 -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. Yes, I have named my stoma "tinkles", as this is what I would ask my small children, when potty training them, do you have to tinkle?

    1. purring2 - "tinkles" is a delightful name!! Funny how that's what you used to ask your small children while potty traning! -Sarah ( Team Member)

  3. name mine "MYRTLE" no real reason. My mother had a colostomy way back in 1963-1965. She named hers Charlie. Now, I have been told that Myrtle may need to be moved from the right side to the left. When that happens I'm going to have a name that stoma contest!

    1. Hi , "myrtle" and "Charlie" are both wonderful names! That's a lovely idea to have a stoma contest if Myrtle needs to be moved. A contest is a great way to choose a name. I would like to hear which one you end up choosing! -Sarah ( Team Member)

  4. My stoma is "Squishy."

    1. @sarah wallin - Mine is Lilly Loo. My kids came up with it and I have no idea why. It is nice to have a name to refer to when Lilly was not cooperating at times in the beginning. Linda ( moderator team member)

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