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I am 2 weeks post-op from radical cystectomy due to muscle invasive squamous cell cancer. I just wanted to say "hello," and I look forward to talking with others facing bladder cancer.

  1. Hi ! Welcome! We're so glad you found us and look forward to sharing with you. I had my RC done a little over 4 years ago! Hang in there, things will get better soon and you'll be getting back to your life!

    1. Hi Welcome to this wonderfully supportive community. I hope you're recovering well and feeling better after your operation.

      Crystal ( moderator)

      1. Hi I have recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer and I just turned 50 and just recently had surgery. And I don't know anything really about it

        1. Hi . Welcome aboard! You are definitely in the right place. The majority of our moderators are either survivors or caretakers of bladder cancer patients. We're glad you found us. Take some time to check out the articles and feel free to comment, chime in, and ask questions! ~Liz

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