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New to the community and getting ready for RC/IC next week

Just diagnosed in late January and I'm having surgery March 2nd. I'm scared more of the surgery than the cancer spreading. T2/HG. Wish me luck and I hope the best for all of you that I haven't met yet.

  1. I’m overwhelmed! I thought everything was going well , 5 years into this cancer journey , now cancer has invaded into muscle tissue and my dr says the bladder must come out . I haven’t started chemo yet and I’m wondering if anyone on here has chosen the chemo / radiation route rather than removal ??? Sure appreciate any input , with many thanks and appreciation for everyone on this journey with me ❤️

    1. my dr has given me two choices .. chemo and removal or chemo and radiation. But he told me he wouldn’t/ couldn’t operate after if I had radiation. I have had 7 recurrences all dealt with by TURBT. No BCG treatment ( there was always a reason I guess) Now it too has become muscle invasive . So I’m thinking the possibility of recurrence even after radiation is strong . Thank you for sharing your story .... it could well be mine ... thanks for helping ... I appreciate your support

    2. how are you today? Laura, Moderator,

  2. I had RC in 2014 and never looked back. Unfortunately some people think that being bladderless means a total life change but in my case that certainly was not true. I am very active, work part time and volunteer for a few organizations, travel extensively etc and life is is pretty darned good. It is important to be comfortable with your decision and I was. I would never try to persuade anyone to have RC because it is a very personal decision. For me it was the best decision to get on with my life. I am always here to provide support for anyone who makes that decision but never interfere in the decision someone has made if it differs from mine. What works for some does not for others. My best to everyone. Linda ( moderator, author, team member)

    1. S - will be thinking of you this week as you have your RC.
      Just remember that many many of us have been through this and are leading full and happy lives now. My best to you for a speedy recovery. Please keep us updated.
      Linda ( moderator, author, team member)

      1. . Wishing you all the best . If it’s TURBT it’s pretty easy , but if it’s removal .... well ... I’m facing the same now too .... sending encouraging thoughts !

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