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New to this bladder cancer diagnosis

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer on October 28th. I've been reading a lot on this website and have a few questions. My team is literally my urologist, his NP and my primary care doc. The urologist performed two TURBT's. Pathology indicates T1 but aggressive cells. I begin BCG treatments the first of the year which will be done in my doc's office by his NP. I don't have an oncologist or any other support team. Is this typical if you are not at a major cancer center?

  1. Meant to say I begin BCG (not BSG)!

    1. Hi ,

      Welcome - that's awesome you've been reading a lot on this site. We're glad to have you here! Since you said you've been recently diagnosed, I thought I may share with you our Newly Diagnosed special section if you have not checked it out yet:

      We do often hear that people have an oncologist involved in their care, however I'm not sure if this varies depending on if someone is treated at a major cancer center or not. This article might give some helpful information about the different people who make up the healthcare team: I wonder if it could be worth asking your urologist about it? It could also give you some peace of mind to ask your urologist how many bladder cancer patients he or she sees.

      I hope this helps! Best of luck with starting BCG next year. Let us know how it goes. Wishing you a nice holiday.
      -Sarah ( Team Member)

  2. This is how it is for me also. Hope you are doing well with your BCG treatments. I just finished my first set of Maintenance on the 18th of March and I am awaiting my scheduling of the next cystoscopy which should be soon...In all this crazy stuff going on I do not know how soon they will take me in. I am not dwelling on it but would like to know if I am still ahead of the game!

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