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Newly diagnosed - thoughts to date

I am 50 years old, consider myself fit and I have recently been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer! I guess I am not invincible after all🙄!

Fingers crossed Non Muscle Invasive at this stage.

I have had some episodes of blood in my urine for longer than I care to admit ☹️ (typical bloke I put it down to Runners Bladder as it usually occured after strenuous exercise). I mentioned it to my new GP and she suggested a CT scan and urine sample.
Scan came back with a significant sized tumour (9cm x 5cm x 1.5cm) 😯
Had a TURBT 10 days later and biopsy confirmed T1 non muscle invasive and specialist suggested BCG treatment starting 6 weeks after TURBT.

I wasn't convinced by my relationship with the Urologist so sought a 2nd opinion, (much of my reading suggests that you shouldn't be afraid to get a 2nd opinion - after all it's a pretty crucial decision!)

New Urologist was much more to my liking - very open to discussion and answered all my questions. He suggested PET scan, another CT scan and 2nd Cystoscopy/TURBT to ensure that the staging was correct to ensure the best treatment plan. He certainly runs the belts and braces approach which is what I want, also no sugar coating, I need to know exactly what I am facing.

So 1 week later I had my PET scan and CT, thankfully clear but have highlighted a couple of small (non cancerous masses <4mm in my LH lung 🙄 - something else to monitor!)

So 2 weeks later and I have just had my 2nd Cystoscopy and TURBT, his post op comments were that the procedure had gone well and that he didn't feel there were any nasty surprises, fingers crossed the biopsy back this up!

What have I done to date?
1. Lots of reading
2. Lots of praying (I have a strong faith which is getting stronger by the challenge!)
3. Changed my diet a little bit - cut out sugar, gone alcohol free and dropped red meat, processed meats.
4. Continued with my excercise where possible, this has been my biggest challenge - not bei g able to excercise as usual for a couple of weeks post TURBT has been tough
5. Advocated for men's health wherever possible. Too many men don't talk about this health concerns.
6. Maintained a positive mental attitude! I am committed to doing everything I can to live my best life and fight this head on.

My advice to anyone else going through this:
Don't be afraid to ask questions - the only silly one is the one you don't ask.
Don't be afraid to get a 2nd opinion - it is critical that you have a good relationship with your Urologist.
Don't worry about your dignity! I left mine at the hospital door the day of my first Cystoscopy 😯.

Maybe I would have been diagnosed earlier if I had left it somewhere sooner🙄 but I can't change the past only the future!

Please feel free to reach out if there is anything I can help someone with.

Watch this space for future updates.....

  1. @rejs71 - Thank you so much for sharing your cancer journey with us. You are not alone in ignoring blood in your urine as many people have done that for a significant time prior to a diagnosis. I find it very unfortunate that as it is a main symptoms of bladder cancer, doctors do not inquire about it at each visit. I am a big fan of second opinions as this is not an easy journey and certainly one where we should have all the information possible on our personal situation. I wish you the best and hope that you will keep us updated on how things are going with us. You have come to the right place for information from those of us who have been there and support along the way. My best Linda Urbanski ( moderator, team member)

    1. thank you so much for sharing your journey. It’s clear you have a great perspective in life and that will serve you well. Well done on your work in advocacy for mens’ health. I couldn’t agree more that is so important and as men in particular often don’t like to talk about their health. Wishing you well and have a great day. Laura, Moderator,

      1. I was 40 at time of diagnosis. I felt cheated at the time as I get too young but I learnt and accepted while the majority of people are older. More and more, younger people are getting bladder cancer. Laura, Moderator,

        1. TURBT 2 update-
          Just seen specialist, happy with what he saw, no reason to believe it is any different to what we thought👍
          Will have biopsy results next week when I see him.🤞
          No exercise for 14 days.☹️
          BCG Treatment to start in 6 weeks for 6 weeks👍, th

          1. thanks for updating us. great news. Sorry about your exercise but you will
            Soon be back at it. Good luck with the biopsy results but sounds like you are all set. Hope all goes well with that BCG treatment when it starts. Let us know how you go. Sending lots of positive vibes from Scotland to go with you positive attitude. Laura, Moderator,

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