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What are things to do while waiting at the doctor's?

How do you pass the time in the waiting room or during treatments? What do you bring?

  1. When I’m in “the waiting room” I tend to not be able to concentrate very well as obviously it’s a stressful and worrying time. So I tend to just take my mobile phone with me and catch up with friends through messenger. I also upload games like solitaire and I also have my ebooks on my phone. The best thing of all to take with me is my best friends, whether it be my hubby or my girlfriends. Then we can just sit and chat about anything.

    1. Shirley, I'm glad that bringing your mobile phone helps to keep your mind off of the stress and worry. Catching up with friends on messenger and playing games sound like good distractions. It must be a nice treat to have your hubby or girlfriends with you there when you can. Thanks for sharing these ideas! -Sarah ( Team Member)

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