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I have been praying for the last two days for Lord Jesus to take me, or let me pee. I just urinated for the first time in 5 days. God is merciful thank you!

  1. Hi @jrcanoe, How terrible! I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble peeing. That must have been very a very distressing experience to endure. Have you reached out to your doctor or medical team about the matter?

    Please know that you're not alone - many here can relate to this struggle. Reach out any time if you need someone to talk to. Sending support your way today.

    -Sarah ( Team Member)

    1. JR - Please let us know how you are doing these days. Hydration is extremely important as is urinating regularly. I hope that things have changed for the better and that you have a great medical team to help you.

      Wishing you good luck in your journey

      Linda ( moderator, author, team member)

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