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Good news is cytology came back negative, cat scan was all good, urologist said abdomen and pelvis scans were boring, which is good but wants to do s cystoscopy on monday to look around.
I am 76 and had a stroke in dec. and since taking xeralto i have had some blood in my urine. I am terrified to go and worried. also my first urologist said i had no evidence of malignacy. Why cant i calm down and face like a big girl?

  1. sorry to hear about your stroke. Are you currently in rehab? I am not medically trained but had a friend who had a stroke. I know this can heighten anxiety levels. I think you should speak to your medical team about how you are feeling. Sending positive vibes from Scotland. Laura, Moderator,

    1. @Mamie12 - You have been through a challenging event so please do not be so hard on yourself. Your tests seem to be coming back in your favor so that is good. I think that following up by your doctors with a cysto just to be sure is a very good idea. I know that a stroke can be a challenge as my son in law had one at 40. His recovery and therapy went well and he is doing great. I understand your anxiety as we have a natural fear of the known. I hope that when you have results from the cysto that you will feel better and not be so stressed. Sending hugs and prayers your way. My best Linda Urbanski (moderator, team member)

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