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Hi everyone. My dad was diagnosed with stage 1 high grade sept 2019 and had the TURBT and has been doing maintenance BCG since and has been tumor free.

This month he now has a 2-3 mm low grade tumor on right posterior bladder wall. Needing another TURBT in June.

Is it common for this to happen? Is it reassuring it represented itself as a low grade tumor this time? Anyone have asimilar experience?

  1. Hello @HeartNurse87.

    Our team here at is non-clinical. We are patient advocates sharing our experiences.

    That being said, with the low-grade and early-stage diagnoses, it is common to have recurrences. Some would even consider bladder cancer to be a chronic cancer.

    I am sure some of my colleagues or other community members will chime in here to share their personal experiences with this at some point. I just wanted to jump in and say that it is common to have situations like your father's. Here is one piece that will give you some different accounts of bladder cancer recurrences that might be helpful for you:

    I personally was diagnosed at a late stage and did not have this type of treatment so I cannot share from a personal standpoint.
    ~Liz, Moderator

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