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Second opinion, which should I listen to?

I was originally diagnosed with t1 high grade tumor. I got a second opinion at Sloan Kettering and they downgraded it to a low grade ta. One means a second TUR and BCG and the other means I'm already done with treatment. Which opinion should I listen to?

  1. @toddjones84 - we are not medical professionals and certainly cannot give medical advice but it may be that a 3rd opinion would be a suggestion. Bladder cancer is not something to mess with so I would certainly find someone to break the tie so to speak to ease your mind. It is also important to continue to be vigilant and have recommended tests as this can rear its ugly head without much notice. My best to you as your search for answers. Please keep us updated on your progress and outcome. My best to you - Linda ( moderator, " team member)

    1. Hi , i'm sorry you're dealing with such conflicting information. I'm glad you found us, hope we can help. I completely agree with the guidance Linda has provided. It would not hurt to get a 3rd opinion to confirm one concrete diagnosis. Or perhaps inform each doctor of the differences in diagnosis? Are you familiar with the diagnosis and testing protocols? I could share some resources to help you more. How were you diagnosed? Urine sample? Turbt?

      1. for sure get a 3rd opinion. I even went to the hospital and got my slides to get additional pathology report. It’s our life that’s at stake. Good luck

        1. Better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to a serious illness or disease you do not want too many options to choose from for treatment, but having a clear diagnosis in my opinion is important for treatment options to be determined. Good luck and please let us know how this turns out. Linda ( moderator, team member)

        2. @toddjones84 a 3rd opinion will take a little of the stress off you. Wondering and not knowing is to much at this time. Be blessed ( team member Lelee)

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