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slippery elm supplement to make cystoscopy less miserable

I was told to consider something from the health food store for helping the body deal with cystoscopy. Supposedly it makes mucous more available where needed, with digestive benefits, and hopefully makes insertion of that scope less unpleasant. After three surgeries and numerous exams, the pathway has become tender, and I am looking for improvement. Anyone had any success with this or other things to help?

  1. Thanks for sharing, @basil. I had not heard this. I will just say that if anyone plans to try this, please check with your medical team first before adding any supplements...not just your urologist/oncologist, your entire medical team. While most supplements are harmless to most people, there are a few that can cause problems with other diagnoses so it's always best to check with your team first. ~Liz, Moderator

    1. I have had the scope so many times over the past four year I always pinch my leg. I know may sound silly, but I figure you can only feel pain in one place at a time. I actually do this for the scope and my BCG treatments. Lelee ( team member)

      1. @basil - I wish I had suggestions to make things easier. I only have had one cysto and that was at the beginning when I was first diagnosed. I must have been very fortunate because mine was easy. I am sure though that repeatedly having the same tests in a short period of time can be different for some. I wish you the best and please keep us updated. Linda ( moderator, team member)

        1. I hope you stay well. With time, discomfort has increased dramatically, so I am looking for something that makes it better. If it works, I will share the news. Valium does not help at all, Xanax helped some in the past.

          1. Please do keep us updated. This journey can be frustrating for sure and being able to share what makes it a bit easier is always appreciated. My best to you. Linda ( moderator, team member)

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